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>> if you recall it in the 1960's and 1970's, we were writing off urban america. >> with wall street's reemergence, new york city was really pulled into the global economy and became america's gateway to that economy and has really prospered ever since. >> watch the rest of the interview sunday night on c-span q&a. >> x, nouri clinton on military action in libya. then a discussion on ethics in government, then a forum from the consumer federation of america. >> secretary of state hillary clinton spoke earlier today about military action by the u.s. and its allies against the forces of libyan leader muammar gaddafi. earlier today, libyan government troops attacked the rebel capital in violation of a un cease-fire resolute -- resolution. she made these remarks in paris at a summit of leaders gathered to address the ongoing violence in the country. this is about 25 minutes. >> hello. before we begin, i want to sell a few words about warren christopher. he was a friend, and mentor, and truly a diplomat's diplomat. he served our country with such great distinction in so many capaci
, how do i best describe what is that makes america great and the constitutional conservative principles that i believe need to be embodied in the next president of the united states. i went back to 1997 when i was a freshman in the united states senate. i would read everything. it took me three years for me to figure out i did not need to read all of that. i also thought i should read the code of iowa. i came to the education chapter in the code of iowa. i was reading through there and it said, each child in iowa shall receive a global not- sexist, multi-cultural education. that means all of the schools in the state would have to teach multiculturalism. i have never been a fan of any of those things. [applause] i took out a bill draft request form to write a bill to strike all of that language out of there. i would get that drafted and get it filed. i thought, if i just strike the language out that calls for the global, non-sexist multiculturalism. but i thought people would think i did not believe in everything. i wrote a bill to replace it. strike up the language about global non-sexi
. later, a form from the consumer federation of america. president obama is currently on a four day visit of and plan american country. he will deliver a speech on rio de janeiro on u.s. and latin american relations. tuesday and wednesday he is in el salvador, where he will meet with the president there, before returning to washington. continuing coverage of his trip here on the c-span network. the ford museum recently held its first symposium on ethics in america. they look at how they handle ethical issues. ford talks about how his father dealt with the dilemma at watergate. it will talk about the the leaking information to reporters. this is one hour and 20 minutes. >> from a teenager in the white house to a most interesting career. sometimes, he has been a cowboy, a businessman, corporate spokesperson, and motivational speaker too many audiences. when gerald ford was sworn in as the 38th president of the united states, steve and his three siblings steadily went from the kids down the block to the only kid on the block on the 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this life was intense and not alwa
america. each brings a unique perspective on how to dismantle big government and reestablished relationships between the citizen and his government. i like to introduce maryland record -- marylin from illinois. [applause] next up, we were going to have mike george, a founder of strong american now. unfortunately he could not be here. last-minute family issues. we're going to welcome an executive director with strong america now peter or. he is a navy and air force veteran. after serving over 12 years on active duty, he joined by george at the george group serving government clients within the department of defense helping to eliminate waste and reduce costs. he hopes of ba in political science and an m.a. in logistics in the air force institute of technology. please welcome peter or'rourke. next right to work is a group that has an incredible work here in iowa, fighting the push to repeal our status as a right to work state. he has helped to fight against compulsory unionism. please welcome greg. [applause] our fourth speaker is the president of citizens united and citizens uni
. >> this report shows that america is becoming unmarried nation. we are getting married later, having children later. these are necessities, not only about women but as men -- about men as well. >> this is across class, that everyone needs access to. if professional women who want to get their ph.d. s and put off having children down and two women are starting to date and these are things that you need across class and across age. >> a question all the way of back -- in the back. >> my name is anna belle, a professional training clinician. my question is two parts. how large was your sample? and when you looked at women in the workforce, did you take into account the men and women who are coming back from the wars in iraq, iran, and afghanistan, which has absolutely change their family situation, financial situation, and the needs -- because that is really quite important to look at -- they may have had both parents working, and now things have changed. the second thing i would like to ask with regard to domestic violence, because i have worked with women with domestic violence, and i am glad
the republicans are ready to take right now, steps that will protect america from international conflict, create thousands of new jobs, reduce our budget deficit, and help bring energy prices back down to earth. nationwide, prices have risen by 40 cents by the past month and have doubled since january 2009. a gallon of gas is heading north of $4. that is not just pain at the pump, it is crippling for anyone with bills to pay, groceries to buy, or a loan to me. when gasoline prices go up, families and businesses are stretched thin, budgets are harder to balance, and jobs are destroyed. it energy prices keep climbing, our nation couldst brief slip back into recession just as we are emerging from the last one. the worst part is that our own government deserves much of the blame. international events have pushed prices higher, but our own shortsightedness and restrictions have also played a critical role. some in washington believe higher oil and gas prices driven even higher by proposing taxes are needed to make americans behavior the way they think they should. higher energy prices are there expli
to jacob's pillow dance festival for contributions to development of dance in the united states as america's longest-running international dance festival. thousands of people of all ages from across the united states and the world have jacob's pillow to thank for opening their horizons to dance. [applause] quincy jones. [applause] the 2010 national medal of arts to quincy jones for his extraordinary contributions to american music as a regent -- musician, composer, record producer and arranger. as a master inventor of musical hybrids, he has mixed pop, soul, african and jazz music to virtually every medium. [applause] sonny rollins. [applause] the 2010 national medal of arts to sonny rollins for his contributions to american jazz music, recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz musicians, his playing style and solos have delighted audiences and influenced generations of musicians for over 50 years. [applause] james taylor. [applause] the 2010 national medal of arts to james taylor for his remarkable contributions to american music. his distinctive voice and masterful gui
's examination -- examining radical islam in america with testimony on both sides of the issue. this is followed by the two men who related their personal accounts of family members involved with islamic radicals. >> potential republican presidential contenders have been making stops in key primary states. this weekend, on the road to the white house, michelle bachman in new hampshire at a fund-raiser. sunday at 6:00 27:30 p.m. >> first lady michelle obama and secretary of state hillary clinton hosted the international women of courage award ceremony at the state department. afterwards, at two award winners spoke to reporters. this is about 30 minutes. > >> good afternoon, and welcome. i am pleased to welcome you on the 100th anniversary of international women's day. secretary of state clinton has hosted the international woman of courage awards here at the department with the first lady michelle obama. this is a prestigious award. to tell you a little bit more about the event today, the award, and about their own personal stories, we have today a special press briefing with the ambassador for l
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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